“Since the incorporation of ICM's predecessor company in the late 1980’s, we have successfully established the ICM Group as an innovative, long term global asset manager. Along the journey we have added significantly to our capabilities and sectors, while maintaining our strong conviction-led, bottom-up investment approach.

Today we are a dynamic asset manager with offices across the globe, employing likeminded individuals who make a strong contribution to our expanding mandates and business. We have achieved substantial growth in the last thirty years, and we look forward to the future with anticipation.”

Duncan Saville
Founder, ICM


International fund manager and corporate finance adviser

ICM is an international Fund Manager and Corporate Finance Adviser headquartered in Bermuda, with 10 offices globally. Our expertise is in listed equity, private equity, and fixed income bonds, and we invest in specific industries where we have deep specialism and understand the part of the market where we can identify and add value. Our investment sectors include utilities & infrastructure, financial services, mining and resources, mobility, technology, and fixed income. 

We like to focus on investment opportunities that are under-researched, misunderstood or structurally complex to access. Through our industry specialisms and nimble attitude we are able to harness the full potential of our investments. We leverage our culture, structure and expertise to be opportunistic, unencumbered by the investment barriers suffered by others. We relish the complex, look to build up significant shareholder positions and commit our capital for the long term in non-mainstream assets.

Our investments are conviction statements, both in terms of our long-term capital commitments as well as the knowledge, network and experience we bring to the door of our investees. We get to know them, work alongside them and support them as partners in order to see them thrive. We are patient, professional and engaged investors that expect to be committed over the long term. While our range of fund structures to access these specialisms may vary, our relentless search for compelling value, our desire for long term capital commitment and culture of fair play and integrity are shared by all.



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