Charles Jillings

Director, ICM Limited and Chief Executive, ICM Investment Management Limited

Charles Jillings joined ICM in 1995, established ICM Investment Research Limited in 1997 and ICM Investment Management Limited in 2015, and is based in Epsom, UK. Charles is a Director of ICM Limited and Chief Executive of ICM Investment Management Limited, a regulated UK AIFM. Charles is responsible for the day to day running of UIL Limited and Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc, and has over thirty years of experience in international financial markets with extensive experience in corporate finance and asset management. Charles was formerly a non-executive director of Utilico Investment Trust plc and Utilico Emerging Markets Limited, and he is an experienced non-executive director. Charles is currently a director of Somers Limited, Waverton Investment Management Limited, ICM Mobility Group Limited and Allectus Capital Limited. Charles graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B. Com. and qualified as a South African Chartered Accountant in 1980.