Uniquely focused on global infrastructure and utilities megatrends in emerging markets.

ICM has been investing in emerging markets since 2005. Our team of career analysts are deep specialists in their field with an impressive track record and multi-decade relationships with companies from all corners of the globe, managing real assets driving compelling returns. Utilico Emerging Markets Trust plc ("UEM") seeks to provide long term total return by investing predominantly in infrastructure, utility and related sectors mainly, in emerging markets. UEM has outperformed MSCI Emerging Markets Index over the last one, three, five years and since inception (as at 31 December, 2023). 

UEM is a UK closed ended investment trust investing primarily in operational infrastructure and utilities assets benefiting from long term infrastructure megatrends. UEM is jointly managed by ICM and ICM Investment Management Limited, and focuses on the undeveloped and developing markets of Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe and Africa, while maintaining the flexibility to invest in markets world-wide.