About Us

Building business with integrity

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to achieve long-term total returns for our clients. Our focused investment processes identify both value and growth opportunities which are not reflected in the market price.

We constantly seek out compelling investment opportunities. We thrive on market imperfections based on years of experience in investments and investment processes.

We value our experienced management teams and encourage well researched, fact based investments. Our staff are professional and dedicated, and maintain strong disciplines and integrity.

We have a long-term fundamental approach with deep sector expertise and local relationships. We seek to work with investee companies to enable them to grow and develop their businesses, and create value for all investors.

Our History

ICM is an international Fund Manager and Corporate Finance Adviser headquartered in Bermuda, with 7 offices globally. Our expertise is in listed equity, private equity, and fixed income bonds.

We specialise in the following investment sectors: utility & infrastructure, financial services, mining and resources, technology, and fixed income.

Our origins date back to 1988 and we are now known as ICM. ICM has evolved to become a global organisation currently managing directly and indirectly approximately US$18bn in funds.

Our portfolios span a variety of countries, sectors and products for leading institutions and retail investors. We have over 20 specialist ICM staff members, and over 55 staff in total with offices located worldwide.

Our Core Values

  • Adaptability
    ICM champions innovative thinking to continually challenge and solve complex situations through creativity, whilst always seeking compelling value.
  • Diversity
    ICM is geographically diverse, but rather than considering this as a problem or challenge, we see this as an opportunity and advantage.
  • Independence & Integrity
    ICM is run as an independent investment firm committed to intellectual consistency and best practices, whilst focused on achieving superior results.
  • Loyalty
    ICM looks for long term relationships with staff, clients and stakeholders and seeks to support and develop those relationships for the benefit of all parties.
  • Challenge
    ICM challenges its investee companies to think smarter, question strategies, and to develop longer term aspirations and ambitions with a focus on deliverables.
  • Excellence
    ICM looks to establish a challenging but nurturing and rewarding environment for its employees, and to deliver excellence in its service to clients. We seek out value and reward hard work, innovation, and performance.
  • Knowledge
    ICM conducts global research and builds sector expertise to make investments with the assistance of a comprehensive data base.
  • Philanthropy
    ICM understands the importance of giving back by investing in the Community.
  • Responsibility
    ICM works in accordance with our values, acting conscientiously and considerately to colleagues, clients, the companies with whom we work, and to the local and global communities.
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