Stephen Holland

Product Specialist

Stephen Holland joined ICM in 2016 as a Product Specialist, and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Stephen has over twenty years of experience working in global investment management across a range of business management, strategic and client facing roles, including leading the business development team for Bank of Ireland Asset Management in North America. Subsequent to this role, Stephen worked at Abbey Capital, a Dublin-based hedge fund focused on managed futures and global macro strategies. Prior to joining ICM, Stephen was a Director at KKR and worked as part of KKR's Client & Partner Group in Europe. Stephen has a B.A. in Economics from University College Cork, Ireland, and an MBA from Fordham University, New York. Stephen is a member of the Society of Investment Professionals in Ireland, and a Member of the CFA Institute. He has a Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors in Ireland, and is currently a Director of Pentagon Global Diversified Bond Fund (Alternate).